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Janet Horne Cozens

As a master of color and landscape, Gordon Harrison is renowned for his breathtaking paintings that capture the essence of nature in vibrant and unexpected ways. His distinctive style involves bold and striking uses of color, pushing the boundaries of traditional landscape art. Studying under such a master allows artists to expand their horizons and explore color in non-traditional ways. His emphasis on vivid color palettes helps artists delve deeper into the heart of the natural world, encouraging them to see landscapes in ways they may have never imagined. This connection with nature becomes a potent tool for artists to convey the beauty and fragility of the environment in their work.

The world of art has always been a powerful medium for conveying messages, emotions, and ideas. Through this workshop, I will be developing my tools to create visually striking pieces that not only capture the beauty of nature but also communicate the need for immediate action to protect it. But it’s not just about learning artistic techniques; it's about embracing a unique philosophy that combines a deep love for nature with the power of color and emotion to draw attention to climate change and inspire action.


Rose Malenfant

I am deeply grateful to receive ISEA’s support to take Janine Antoni’s class “At Home in the Body” with the Alternative Art School. With this course, I am looking forward to challenging how I approach and develop process. I am excited to work with an artist who is known for her alternative material use and bodily explorations which I value deeply in my own practice. The class will focus on identifying ourselves within a larger culture, examining our bodies and belief systems.

Janine Antoni describes the approach as, “part laboratory, part playground, part archeological dig”. This excites me because I believe leading with curiosity and excavation, breathes life and meaning into what we create. With these tools of reflection and expansion, I am eager to continue developing my voice as an artist with renewed clarity, care, and intentionality.

Thank you ISEA and all the members who have made this opportunity a possibility for me! You are truly a blessing!


Daniele Piasecki

I am so grateful to ISEA for selecting me among the 2023 scholarship recipients! Interested in including abstract elements in my mixed media artwork, I felt that learning to loosen up was a "pre-requisite”.

I registered for Joan Fullerton's on-line course "Paint Yourself Free" which is based on intuitive expression and started the class mid-August. I am thoroughly enjoying Joan's "Bossy Pants Process", her generosity and her humour. It is an inspiring approach to art and each new session is full of surprises, an invitation to expand boundaries and explore the unknown. So far, I am quite intrigued and amused by the motion of rotating a piece 90 degrees on a regular basis. I so badly needed some fun in my life!

Joan really knows how to foster the ideal conditions to get anyone's creativity flowing; her methodology sent me on a new adventure of self-exploration and inner excavation with a newly discovered option to mix abstract with reality. I am looking forward to integrating the contents of this course to my future bodies of work!


Maggie Godziuk

My workshop choice, "Vulnerability and the Artist" with Brenda Malkinson opened doors for me in my artistic process. Brenda challenged us to be experimental and vulnerable and to not stick to our usual processes. She gave us loose directions but encouraged us to go with what we felt in the moment and not to worry about being perfect or creating a polished final piece. We used many mediums and many techniques to explore our minds as artists; throughout the full day session I used color pencils, watercolor paints, pencils, and markers! This course epitomized limitless art and taught me new ways to experiment with my art and my processes. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to be able to attend this seminar with Brenda, as well as learn from and meet other artists!


Ann Smiga Greene

Successful creative processes require time, practice, materials, and continuous effort. As I advance to a new phase in my artistic growth, I strive to learn from others and expand my understanding of design in abstract art using mixed media, collage, and line. I hope to gain an additional creative edge by reaching beyond fundamentals and getting out of my personal comfort zone. I’d like to thank ISEA for this scholarship. I consider it a financial springboard to my artistic life.

I plan to use my scholarship to fund an online Cheap Joe’s workshop, “Beauty of the Mark,” with Teresa Kirk (October 18, 19 and 21, 2022). Ms. Kirk describes her mark-making process as beginning an art conversation with unique, surprise elements, along with negative painting, color mixing, and new design formats. Intrigued by the supply list, I aim to learn to apply and experiment with these new materials in my work. Some of the new tools include Ampersand Aquabord, watercolor gouache, Inktense watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, water soluble graphite, stencils, and stamps. This workshop will provide me with an opportunity 

 to further develop my artistic voice and vision, encourage personal growth, and promote experimentation with new materials.

Click here to visit Ann's website.


Kat Manton-Jones

It is an honor to be a recipient of the 2022 ISEA Scholarship. Thank you! The scholarship award will be applied to a 5-week, 2023 Arquetopia Art Residency in the Peruvian Sacred Valley of the Incas. The mentored, non-instructional, process-based residency is flexible and self-directed. I intend to interact and collaborate with local artists, researchers, and spiritual leaders to learn how cultural, environmental, and spiritual beliefs and practices intersect.

By utilizing traditional and experimental art techniques, incorporating research data, and spiritual experience specific to the region, I will deeply reflect and expand upon intuitive and experimental painting. This experience will broaden my understanding of the heritage of art, culture, and society via critical inquiry, research, interaction, and process in the field and studio.

Here is Kat Manton-Jones' YouTube video of her experience at this residency.


Margaret Parnell

I am so grateful for this Scholarship opportunity. As soon as I was notified, I signed up for an online course with Lewis Noble in the UK. This three-week course in October 2022 focuses on painting, collage and self-expression.

It will include specifically two different methods of working that interest me and will challenge me in new ways. First, there will be en plein air sessions encouraging quick sketches. These sketches are reworked in the studio as part of a sketchbook to be used as reference for further development into a final painting. Second is the use of photography for both collage as well as reference for sketching. For me, these will both be new methods of working. These techniques will provide resource material to be added to my personal art process. I look forward to continuing to evolve my art through experimentation.


 Robin Kissinger

My father is German American, and my mother is Native American and African American having both Cherokee (Tslagi) and Blackfoot heritage. My work reflects my Native heritage and desire to use recycled materials. Mark Mehaffey’s “Mentoring to the Finish” session validated what I was trying to do as an artist. Everyone made me feel right at home.  I was able to connect and learn something from each and every artist there. The exhibit in the hallways of our instruction area at Mission Point reminded me of the expansive nature of experimental art and helped me to open my mind about future projects.

The gracious nature of the artists and the instructor freed me a bit to get my feet wet. And now I want to learn more. I learned about mixing paint to create new hues of color, and about the science of washes.

Where before the workshop I often made my pieces work accidentally with 

intentionality, I feel now I can start working on making my artistic vision more tangible. I make art like I write, in a stream of consciousness. Thanks to this workshop I am realizing that I can direct that stream, and where its water gathers is where we are trying to get creatively.


Judy Weiss

Judy provided a description of her scholarship plans:

My goal in applying for the ISEA Scholarship was to develop my skills and techniques in felting for a new series on the landscapes and amazing sensory experiences of winter in Canada. The award has given me the opportunity to study mixed media felting under Ariane Marianne, from Paris, France via Zoom. The class focuses on colouring and embellishment of textiles, with special emphasis on paper, silk and wool felt. Students begin with mark-making to develop motifs and visual texture either for surface design, or as layers within our individual work. In conjunction with mark-making, I will also learn new colouring methods (acid dyes, inks, paints, cyanotype prints, digital printing) for silk fabrics,

Kozo (mulberry silk) paper, wool pre-felt and finished felt. The resulting materials will be put to use immediately as we learn techniques of nuno-felting (a very fine, lightweight, highly textural felt suitable for wall and wearable art). I am very excited to learn so much within the specific context of felting, because I expect it will be a prominent medium in my (provisionally titled) Winter Wonder series.

Click here to visit Judy's website.


Kimberly Santini

Kimberly provided a description of her intent for the scholarship:

Expressive and intuitive figurative painter Stanka Kordic has hand picked a small gathering of artists for study in her studio this summer. This particular experience is a break from her traditional “show me the magic” sort of workshop (which I have attended in the past), and instead is geared towards seeking a deeper understanding of why we create. This is the first time she has opened her studio up for such an event, and it is an honor to be one of the few artists invited. I will be focused on expanding my toolbox of non-literal expression (from a mark making, tools, and conceptual standpoint) as I dig into the concept of dreams while painting from a place deep inside me.

Click here to visit Kimberly's website.


Haley Joseph

In 2019, ISEA awarded a symposium-related scholarship to emerging artist Haley Joseph.  Haley attended the Mentoring Workshop with Kathleen Conover, the encaustic and cold wax demonstrations, and the ISEA Celebration Dinner and thoroughly enjoyed her time. As a “thank you” to ISEA, Haley helped with the exhibition reception and acted as local tour guide throughout the remainder of the symposium driving people to museums and points of interest in the Grand Rapids and Muskegon area. 


Jill Lindsay

Thank you so much for choosing my essay as the scholarship winner. I am positively overjoyed that I won!  The essay I submitted truly epitomized how I feel as an experimental artist: limitless. I am so glad that my friend and art mentor, Beverly Yankwitt (a signature member) told me about ISEA three years ago.  It is a wonderful organization filled with artists that all share their own unique perspective on creating art.

Thus far I have signed up for a one-day workshop "Discovering the Pure Joy of Intuitive Abstract Painting" with Steve Rogers at the Florida Watercolor Society's yearly symposium in September. 

I am still in search of another workshop that will stretch my imagination. I prefer being in a classroom with other artists, as opposed to an on-line class.

Click here to visit Jill's website.


Marlene Gremillion

Thank you all for the wonderful scholarship.  I was so fortunate to be able to use it in the Carol Simmons Master Caning in Polymer Clay May 21 through 27 and learned so much.  She had us select colors from a photograph by using color selector on our computer and making up color samples to do our clay blending before designing our canes. Then we learned a variety of cane styles and then these were assembled into a large cane (the largest I have ever made and reduced).  When this was completed we took thin slices and assembled them to make a kaleidoscope design. Really a great workshop and I will put it to practice.

Marlene created a YouTube video going

through her experience taking Carol Simmons Master Caning in Polymer Clay workshop.

You can view Marlene's video here.

ISEA provides two scholarship opportunities:

A Scholarship Program for Members


  • All ISEA members (except Scholarship Committee members and collaborative members).

  • Scholarship award winners must wait three years before re-entering.

Submissions received: July 1-15

Recipient notification:  July 30

Number of Scholarships:  Reviewed annually

Scholarship amount:  up to $500 USD

  • May be used for virtual training, one-on-one training, workshops, or college courses.

  • May not be used for supplies, framing, or travel expenses.
  • The scholarship will be paid directly to the instructor by credit card OR to the award winner once a receipt or invoice is sent to the scholarship committee.

Application Requirements:

  • Provide a Word document (not a PDF) with a maximum of 350 words answering the following questions:
  1. What does experimentation in your art mean to you? (20 points)
  2. How do you experiment now and what do you want to do differently? (20 points)
  3. Describe the challenges you are trying to overcome. (20 points)
  4. How would the scholarship further your experimentation? (20 points)
  5. Provide the name of the instructor, workshop/course work, dates, and cost (20 points)

A Scholarship Program for a deserving emerging artist to attend a portion of the Annual Symposium


  • Emerging artists from the locale of the upcoming Annual Symposium.

Scholarship amount:  up to $500 USD

  • May be used to cover the costs of learning opportunities and activities offered in the symposium.

Selection Process:

  1. Local Organizing Committee recommends candidates.
  2. The ISEA Executive Board approves the most deserving candidate.


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